Some Best SEO Tools

There are a big number of tools in the SEO industry and throughout the years, we had learned that these SEO tools are utilized more than simply increase site ranking; a majority of us utilize these SEO tools for analytics and information collection.

Article Rewriter

This tool empowers you to scan the content of your article for the replacement of the word with the synonym or the phrase/word for which sometimes you get stuck to get the perfect and correct word.

Plagiarism Checker

This tool gives you with the facility of scanning your article over the internet and if any sentence is found to be plagiarized (duplicate) to the content of other websites, it will identify the original source from where that content has been duplicated.

Backlink Maker

This tool will assist you to make the number of backlinks. You can make the backlink of your own site within a matter of seconds.

Backlink Checker

This tool performs such a large number of tests to check that how many backlinks are pointing to your site. This tool will demonstrate you the list of all the URLs that have been linked/attached to your website.

Meta Tags Analyzer

This tool helps you to analyze the Meta tags of your web pages. This SEO analyzer tool checks whether your site is search engine friendly or not. It provides your website with the facility of normal web page validation and robot text validation.

Meta Tag Generator

Meta tags are the hidden HTML tags that are found in the head section of your HTML page and these tags are utilized to index out the sites on the basis of keywords by a few search engines. This tool empowers you to create the Meta tags automatically.

XML Sitemap Generator

This tool empowers you to generate an XML sitemap of your site. The sitemap consists of the details about the number of pages, XML file content, and broken links.

Keyword Position Checker

This tool consequently checks the position of all the keywords on a few search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, AOL, Ask, etc. This tool also empowers you to find out the rank /position of your link or website.

Robots.txt Generator

This tool empowers you to generate the robots.txt file. This generator is used when you want to exclude some web pages of your site from bots. These web pages can be a login page, contact page, media files, privacy policy etc.

Word Counter

Want to count the number of words in a phrase or sentence? Here is the tool that provides you with the facility of counting the words of your phrases and sentences.

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